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An interview with Stacy Heyman

Our interview series is all about powerhouse women and men who inspire us through their work, creativity, business and passion. At Papier hq we are all about supporting and uplifting...

Our interview series is all about powerhouse women and men who inspire us through their work, creativity, business and passion. At Papier hq we are all about supporting and uplifting one another. These amazing individuals are here to share some of their expertise. Introducing the first in our series Stacy Heyman...

1. In 2019 you featured on The Block NZ, what did you learn from this experience and what really went on behind the scenes? 

Being chosen to go on The Block ultimately gave us the stepping stone to where we are now with our houses and renovating interior design business Studio Reno. There isn’t really a ‘behind the scenes’ scoop when it comes to The Block because every moment is captured for what it is, which is terrifying but has also given us the blessing of hindsight which is a wonderful thing. I think reflecting back there’s a lot of really proud moments for us as a couple. We really were given the chance of a lifetime.

2. What is a current trend you are loving at the moment?

Kitchens with dimension! I have recently fallen in love with the idea of profiled cabinetry. It is done a lot overseas but in New Zealand, I think we are all minimalists at heart and like to choose modern, flat profiled doors. This is interesting as the majority of our homes are character weatherboard exteriors. I also think a huge shift is moving away from all white everything as people start to experiment with mixing warm and cool shades together as well as introducing texture and pattern.

3. What are your top home styling/renovation tips? 

Never underestimate the power of paint! We like to use Resene for all of our colour choices. We have recently painted our old brown, moss-covered deck using Resene Half Delta and god, it looks incredible! The neat thing is that almost anything can be painted too; tiles, concrete, old pots - everything can have a new lease on life with a paintbrush at hand!

4. How would you describe your interior design style? 

I am all about the power of transformation because it’s so addicting and creating high-end interior design for my clients, but for a lot of us high-end luxury isn’t an affordable option. My style has to be centred around creating people’s dream homes but on a realistic budget. I love taking inspiration from people’s homes and the cues I see when I go through for a consult. There are a lot of areas where you can save and others where it pays to splurge. Knowing the difference between them is my job at the end of the day.

5. Has your design background enhanced your renovation process?

When renovating, there can be a lack of appreciation for the smaller details which is something I learned at design school - such as switchgear for example. What we’ve decided to do is use PDL by Schneider gear in House 02 because although often left to the sparky to figure out, switchgear is something you touch every single day. The same goes for door handles. You can instantly tell the era of a home from passage doors if they haven’t been updated. You have often then had your first impression before even walking into the room. I really believe the devil is in the detail. It is easy for me to become engrossed in finding the perfect height for the vanity which then impacts the switchgear height, mirror height and then, of course, wall lights. I think the harder you work for something the luckier you get with the outcome. 

6. How has social media influenced your career?

Social media is a really great tool for brand awareness and recognition, I’ve been really fortunate to have partnered up with some of New Zealand’s leading and most trusted brands which is a surreal feeling I’m very grateful for. I think the biggest misconception about social media is that it’s easy. People may think that the work just presents itself to you, where in fact there are countless hours spent planning, styling, shooting and editing content. It’s a real art making something look effortless, like home staging. It is not the easiest career path, but because I am a creative it really is a fun, upbeat and positive outlet for me. I absolutely adore the people I’ve met on social media. I’ve met some of my best friends on there. 

7. What projects have you been working on lately?

Adam and I have just finished up on our two-bedroom renovations and recently gave our backyard deck a facelift. We are now turning to the kitchen, hallway and living space which is one open plan area. This makes up roughly 60% of our floor space, so if we can make a head start on that this year we’ll be really stoked. I’ve also recently finished up a bathroom with some great clients, and have another starting in the coming weeks as well as a few interior design styling jobs so that will keep me busy!

8. What are you looking forward to in 2021? 

Cake tasting! Haha - wedding cake tasting that is. As well as all the joys that come with planning a wedding, I couldn’t be more excited to marry Adam!

9. What are your favourite Papier hq pieces?

Gosh - how much time do we have? I think Papier hq is one in a million. The quality can’t be paralleled here in New Zealand and I know Gabby and her team go the extra mile every time to ensure their products are nothing short of impeccable. We couldn’t believe our luck when they came on board Team Purple for The Block Firehouse. Our apartment wouldn’t have set the bar as high as it did if it weren’t for their tireless hours. 

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